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Esra Melike Çil is architect and multidisciplinary designer.She was born and lives in Turkey.She works in a wide range of creative disciplines including graphic design,interior design, analog photography, and illustration. 

She has 7 years of experience working professionally either by herself as an independent designer or as a part of design studios and agencies. She served such clients as  Dry Clean Only, Kafa Magazine, Mensure, Msem Club, Leiija, Grafson, Emre Plak.

At the core of her work is always sustainable development and material choices.She has deep respect to leftovers and believes each of them carry a story..Writing this story is the key of her works.She has deep passion in mid century modern design.In her studio she tries to produce furniture for her own use.As she loves interesting vintage designers products she has created brand named “ evvel “  which  handpicks designer products spread over thepast and sell them also use them in her interior design projects.

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