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Personal Communication is first  step.I think if we  can deeply communicate , the energy will the guide for us.Before we start to design and think about your ideas ı want to check your place of design.After, ı want to listen you and learn about your dreams.So we started  to ask "how can you feel if.. " questions. Then we start to create a story from your dreams. Consultancy begins with designing the moodboard. Moodboard will be the guide during the design.It shows: the plan and sections  of your area and colors ,textures and materials will be used. Also it offers products names, little information about qualification of items.If you are happy and satisfied with the works ı did, it  goes on with making story real .I explore  best products and price for your design and we look up together.After we decide, we start to apply with our professional team.Calendar sets up right time for both of us.

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