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Melike Çil studied architecture at Iztech  ( 2010-2013 ) ,

and  University of Seville ( 2013-2015) .

While she was studying architecture at Seville she won the Fashion Design Scholarship at LCI Barcelona and studied fashion design.After graduated ,she started to work as an art consultant for a while at Galerie Cravacoeur in Paris.

Currently, she is working in Istanbul as an art director and fashion designer at MaSoeuretMoi.

Additionally, she continues her architectural work under her own brand named "Evvel". She also designs custom-made wearable pieces in her own atelier. Melike, who enjoys exploring stories about unspoken areas beyond words, tries to create something in every field where she can express herself. She sees her architectural education as a form of visual training and thus considers herself a multidisciplinary artist.


To order a piece, or for pricing information please send either an email ( ) or a direct message on instagram. @__melikecil

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