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Story n.01: İyi Geceler !

Artboard 1.png

Story n.02: 3.54 am Call

1.54 am.png

walking to a restaurant local one to meet just a guy
finally comin to gate of the local restaurant 
saw him.                                                                                                                                is this smile or the thing from local store?

                                                                                     dinner, romance, love words
                                   such a smile he has
walking to  my home with a rose              ---------------------------->O
lying in my sofa.

after 5 orgasms 
I think dinner was good and              fck!       WTF WAS THAT SMILE?

again I am in a bed. shows 03.54  am.
i know i will dream more about the dinner at 3.54 am.

1.54 am.png
Artboard 11.png

Story n.03:yeter artık!

Artboard 10.png

Yeterr artık ! aklımızı başımızdan aldılar götürdüler!

ama onlar hayatlarına devam ediyorlar.

story no.04


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he knows about your daddy's.

but doesn't know about the feelings.

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